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How the West is Helping to Destroy Christianity in Syria

How the West is Helping to Destroy Christianity in Syria
July 20th by Robin Phillips 1 Comment

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  1. lovemydesignergenes
    7:25 am on October 1st, 2013

    We must also pray (and act/speak in wisdom) that the US votors do not – again – vote in a president who carries on such foolish policies.


    The US has (in the past) stood up (or at least loudly spoken against ) some of the persecution of Christians, others for their peaceful faith.

    We have mainly departed from that practice. People sense the US leadership (Pres. O etc.) do NOT care if Christians are obliterated.

    It’s a spiritual battle.

    World friends of a controllable US president…not merely the US—will be sure to somehow fund and otherwise smooth the political path of the next Presidential candidate they can mostly put in their pocket. (Remembering how gas prices immediately LOWERED right after Sarah Palin’s speech about oil..}

    (Remembering here Pres. O’s 3/4 of a BILLION dollar first term election budget…and remembering something I didn’t read in the news…how Pres. O’s campaign bought hours of Chicago area TV time on various stations…to blast their message to Chicagoland)

    Praying that the Syrian Christians are protected, delivered. Praying also that many US leaders and the British PM somehow get a clearer vision of what is happening to Syrian Christians.

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